DELMA has existed since December 1992. Specialized in:

Production of spare parts according to the documentation of the client or according to an existing part for which we draw a drawing, and then we process it;
Repairs on more expensive parts and their return to the original functional extent.
Repair of the machine.

    Our company's machinery park consists of:


1. Lathe RA F300 / 1500 (F 600х1500)

2. Classical rodent Arno Moro with working dimensions 1100 x 350 x 400

3. Copper hydraulic chain grinder

4. Lathe PA 300/2000

5. Lathe TNP F 250/3000

6. Short description of the KR - 500

7. Radial drill

8. Capital grinder BUA.31 with working possibilities: F 420х 3600 and internal grinding

9. Moevica grinder

10. Flat grinder for round grinding F 250х500

11. Borehole drill BORVEK, BH 100 dimensions 1000х1250, carrying capacity 2.5 tons, axis dimension x = 1000, y = 1000, z = 700 shaft 800

12.CNC Glodalica with 4 axes 320х320х500

13, Copper rod H 400 with axis dimensions 350x400x700,

14.Classical rodent with axis densities 350x350x1100


Note: All machines are in good function and geometry.

We are able to make parts with accuracy:

- for rotary parts up to 0.002 - 0.005 mm

- for enclosures up to 0,01.

The company DELMA has a great reference in our Republic, we will try to list some of the companies for which we have been producing large quantities of spare parts for years:




Mikrosan  - Prilep
 Blago Gorev AD -VelesTutunski Kombinat  - Prilep

 Zito Bitola - Bitola
 Istitut Jug- Skopje
 Вебтек -Skopje
 Bucim - Radovis 
 Feni - Kavadarci
 Learnica za Olovo i Cink - Resen
 Makstil - Skopje
 Alatni Mashini - Skopje
 Fakom - Skopje
 DeGama Printing House- Skopje
 Printing House Intergrafika- Skopje 
 Printing House Dastel Papir -Skopje
 Alkaloid - Skopje 
 Beton - Skopje
 Automakedonia - Skopje
 Te Te Plast - Skopje
 Bima Trejd - Skopje
 Interplast -Skopje
 Soko Gorica-Skopje
 MHP Seal Inginering Skopje
 MZT Remont -Skopje
 Brako -Veles

Zezov -Skopje

RZ Institut- Skopje

 Avtoguma- Skopje
 Jaka 80 -Skopje
 Tehno Guma -Skopje